Quantum3D Inc. completes KC-135 BOWST IG upgrades

Milpitas, CA – June 08, 2020 –Quantum3D, under contract with CAE, completed the final USAF KC-135 IG upgrade. Over the course of 9 months, Quantum3D systematically performed the hardware upgrades at 6 USAF airbases.

Working closely with CAE on scheduling, Quantum3D was able to complete the final IG upgrade in a short time. Quantum3D’s IDX8000 five channel IG replaced the older out-of-service IDX6000 product. With IDX8000, the KC-135 BOWST trainers now have state-of-the-art IG hardware combined with Quantum3D’s much improved latest version of its Mantis simulation software, along with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 software. The upgrades provide 10-year supportability, allowing the USAF to realize the benefits of new hardware and total cost investment, along with up-to-date supportable Windows software.

An additional feature required for the upgrade was to apply Cyber Hardening to all 9 IGs, per government program requirements. Working with CAE’s Cyber Security team, Quantum3D assisted in Cyber Hardening the first IG in CAE’s plant. At that point, each site had a baseline for applying the Windows STIGs to each IG once installed. This added an additional layer of security required by the USAF. 

As part of the IG upgrade, the Barco MCU and eRACU for managing the Barco projectors was upgraded to Treality’s latest hardware, utilizing Windows 10 as the software baseline.

In addition to clear skies scenarios, the training simulator leverages advanced volumetric 3D cloud simulation techniques for training both in and near cloud layer refueling scenarios. The accurate simulation of shadows, spotlights, aircraft lighting, and refueling receptacles provide realistic cues to support the high demands for depth perception required by boom operators

All simulator IGs are now ready for training and are in daily use by the USAF to train boom operators for years to come.

About Quantum3D

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