Founded in 1995, Quantum3D Government Systems (previously known as CG2, Inc.) has built a strong reputation by providing design services, specialized R&D, engineering, system integration and custom solutions to meet the rigorous demands of our customers and partners worldwide.

Our approach is simple, but proven over the years. We begin by understanding your needs. Our team of professionals listen to you to understand the problem you’re looking to solve. Then, our experts and specialists identify and present solutions that meet your time and budget needs. Our Program Management and Engineering teams work with you to deliver your solution in a timely manner, while maintaining an open communication path between all of us. Finally, we work with you to implement and integrate the solution within your environment.

Are you interested in non-government or commercial markets?  Our sister company, Quantum3D, Inc., is a leading developer and provider of simulation and training products as well as the technology that drives them. Quantum3D delivers key components for use in a wide range of training markets — flight simulation; land and other vehicle training; synthetic environments and construction tools; sensor simulation; maintenance training, and a variety of augmented-reality applications.  More information is available on the Quantum3D website – www.quantum3d.com


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