Quantum3D Government Systems to Move Headquarters to Silicon Valley

Quantum3D Government Systems Strengthens and Consolidates its Resources in California, in Preparation for Expanded System-level Contracting Opportunities

Orlando, Fl. – Apr. 26, 2017 – Quantum3D Government Systems, a leading provider of training and simulation services for government applications, today announced it will be relocating its corporate headquarters to Milpitas, California, alongside the existing headquarters of its sister company Quantum3D, Inc. This will allow key functions including program management, engineering, and content creation more efficiently coordinate between the two companies, and will minimize duplication of assets. The Company will continue to provide Simulation & Training products and services offerings from its new California location.

“Our future opportunities include an exciting and expanding mix of required technologies, assets, and skill sets,” said Mike Pavloff, President, Quantum3D Government Systems. “Our need for agility and flexibility has never been greater, and the move to California will strengthen our ability to respond quickly and deliver in a wider range of technical disciplines.”

The current headquarters office located in Orlando, Florida, is planned be closed effective May 1, 2017. Thereafter, Quantum3D Government Systems will be based at its new address: 1759 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035.

About Quantum3D Government Systems
Quantum3D Government Systems is a provider of services and complete training solutions tailored specifically for government customers, both U.S. and worldwide. Quantum3D Government Systems draws from a wealth of past experience in delivering on programs to U.S. military organizations, and operates with a broad network of teaming partners to combine best-in-class technologies to solve any system-level challenge.

Quantum3D Government Systems is headquartered in Orlando, Florida – soon moving to Milpitas, California. Together with its sister company Quantum3D Inc., both are members of Quantum3D Group, a Delaware corporation which is in turn wholly owned by HAVELSAN, a major global software and systems provider based in Ankara, Turkey.


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