independence® IDX 8000

“A new standard for the most powerful and compact real-time image generation available in simulation, training and mission rehearsal applications with GeoScapeSE® WWDB, the industry’s first seamless worldwide coverage utilizing drop in high-resolution insets, the SoCal sample database and from our growing library of airfields, the San Francisco International Level-D airport.”

Able to meet or exceed the requirements of virtually any image generation application, the Independence IDX 8000 provides the best value in open architecture, advanced IG solutions available today. IDX 8000 is perfect for any simulation system: fixed-wing and rotary-wing aviation, FAA Level-D Full-flight simulators, weapons and gunnery systems, hardware-in-the-loop sensors, automotive research, development and driving simulators, military ground vehicles, fixed base and forward air traffic control, ship’s bridge, mono & stereo scientific visualization and virtual reality.

As the top-of-the-line model in the Independence IG series, the IDX 8000 leads the way in providing the industry’s highest compute perfomance density. By incorporating low profile server-class mother boards with the latest Intel Haswell processors, and up to two of NVIDIA’s “Maxwell” or “Pascal” architecture GPUs on each, the IDX 8000 achieves up to 4X the performance of the previous NVIDIA

With its smaller package and increased performance, IDX 8000 sets the standard for rapid deployment, field upgradeability and scene realism. The IDX 8000 delivers performance, fidelity, reliabilty, quality and overall value. With its NVIDIA Quadro Sync technology, the IDX 8000 can scale up to any large system, with over 50 synchronized channels.

Features and Benefits

Long Term Support

3 year warranty or 10 year service support under Quantum3D’s obsolescence guarantee program.



The IDX 8000 achieves unmatched levels of visual computing density by combining a server-class motherboard, latest Intel processors, and up to two of NVIDIA’s “Maxwell” or “Pascal” architecture GPUs on each, and Quadro Sync Precision Video Synchronization into a compact 1U Rendering Unit (IGU).


Open Architecture

The IDX 8000 supports industry-standard CIGI 3.x messaging protocol over dedicated Gigabit Ethernet, and industry-standard database formats including OpenFlight, NPSI, CDB, and CTDB.


Worldwide Database

The IDX 8000 supports Quantum3D’s World Wide Database (WWDB) – a continuous flight, worldwide terrain, modeled with 15m geo-specific imagery. Drop-in Hi-Res insets are customer-enabled using CatalystSE DBGS tools.


High Resolution Channels

Super High-resolution, multiple-input, projectors (e.g. 4K x 2K) are supported with no additional effort.


Sensor Enabled

The IDX 8000 supports QUEST®2 and viXsen for correlated, physics-based NVG, IR, Day Camera EO Simulation applications and Stimulated NVG applications.


The Independence® IDX 8000 is the perfect candidate for military fixed-wing and rotary-wing, FAA Level-D, and JAR FSTD flight simulation, aerial refueling simulation, gunnery training, hardware-in-the-loop sensor simulation, ground vehicle simulation, fixed- and forward-based air traffic control, ship’s bridge simulation, mono & stereo scientific visualization, and virtual reality.