fixed wing and rotary wing flight_simulator

fixed wing and rotary wing flight simulators

Procedures that can be taught on our flight simulators include:

• Getting on and off-board the aircraft
• Internal controls, controls prior to take-off and after landing
•  Engine start and stop
•  Instrumental and visual navigation, approach, touch and go and landing
•  Taxiing procedures
•  Normal and emergency procedures
•  Acrobatic moves, stall, spin
•  Night/day formation flight
•  Simulated ammunition firing


• Flight training platforms to meet your training needs from partial mission simulator, cockpit trainers to full 6DOF motion platform based simulators

• Built on similar or highly similar avionics platforms systems, unique to each airframe platform and customer requirements

Equipped with high quality collimated or non-collimated display systems with high horizontal and vertical fields of view

Level D certified

Accurate and current visual database with over 25000 airports globally, ability to fly from and to any point on earth with a full worldwide database. Customized database solutions for your custom training needs

Customized to your airframe platform with a fully integrated host processing unit based on aerodynamic properties of the rotary wing or fixed wing aircraft

fixed wing rotary wing simulator


Train in the most accurate and realistic weather environment. Live weather information is recorded and then used in training scenarios. The simulator can simulate recorded weather effects across the full altitude from -1000 feet to 60000 feet, providing the most realistic training environment.

Radio navigation

Radio Navigation Server provides real world navigation and runway information to the aircraft simulators used in training exercise.