John G. (Jerry) Horvath

Jerry Horvath is a former Lockheed Martin Program Manager, retired since November 2012. He is currently active in church and Habitat for Humanity – International projects. Prior to retirement, Jerry was employed by Lockheed Martin and Lockheed Martin heritage companies for over 35 years – all in the Simulation and Training business. Jerry has held engineering, engineering management, product management, program management and business development management positions during this time. In management positions, Jerry has captured over $1B business across domestic and international markets. Jerry has extensive knowledge of capture management and program management best practices, has broad technical expertise, is highly ethical and easy to work with.

He was a certified Lockheed Martin Program Manager and winner of two Lockheed Martin Global Excellence Awards, one GE Aerospace One-in-a-Thousand Awards and numerous management awards. Jerry holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.