frigate combat management system

The GENESIS has been developed to modify and modernize the Combat Management Systems (CMS) of the Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates. Based on an open system architecture, GENESIS supports COTS hardware and software tools.

Frigates equipped with GENESIS CMS are cruising around the globe from the Malacca Strait to Gibraltar and successfully supporting U.N. Missions for humanitarian aid, Peace Support, and Cooperation for struggles against piracy.

Upon achieving a remarkable success rate for the Turkish G-Class frigates, GENESIS is now ready to be installed on other Perry class frigates all around the world. Its open system architecture also allows GENESIS to be easily modified to be adapted for other platforms.



Genesis CMS Provides the following capabilities

• Reduced reaction time against anti-ship missiles
• High automation of combat system
• Centralized command and control
• Modern CMS Capabilities:
– Situation awareness
– Decision support
– Ergonomic and optimized Combat Information Center (CIC) organization
– Reduced crew number
• Increased durability and high availability
• On-board training
• Reliable and prompt hardware & software maintenance by domestically available means