Coastal surveillance radar system

The Coastal Surveillance Radar System (CSRS) provides situational awareness with adequate radar coverage of the coasts, territorial waters and exclusive economic zones and create a defined maritime picture supported by data received from radars, electro-optical sensors and other public institutions for Coast Guards around the world. The CSRS aims to increase cooperation level of public institutions and organizations in charge of coastal areas, and enhance efficiency of reconnaissance, patrol, and search and rescue activities. With CSRS, Coast Guards will be able to deal much more decisively with smuggling, illegal immigration, fishing and sea pollution. 


The purpose of the Surveillance Systems is detection of any kind of violation within a Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as early as possible.

The scope of Surveillance Systems will include monitoring against:

•  International terrorism
•  Illegal immigration
•  Drugs traffic
•  Weapon traffic
•  Smuggling

Within this scope the following should be achieved:

•  Surveillance and identification of surface targets
•  Command and Control Center for efficient management and deployment
•  Integration with Maritime Information System

Within this scope following centers and stations will be established:
•  Main Operations Center
•  Classification and Monitoring Center
•  Coastal Surveillance Stations